Generate Cost Effective Leads

Create quality sales prospects efficiently and cost effectively

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Achieve More With Fewer Resources

Achieve sustainable business improvement through better information, processes and teams

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Build Loyalty and Improve Repeat Business

How many of your customers go to the competition because they don’t think of you?

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Sales lead generation is a key activity for your business. Fletchers complements your existing processes with marketing programmes that create sales leads efficiently and cost effectively.

We will work with you using the following phases as appropriate:

  • Briefing: understand your business strategy, sales & marketing goals, and key metrics
  • Research: identify market needs, customer feedback and key competitors
  • Planning: define campaigns to target key decision makers and influencers
  • Implementation: ensure people important to sales pipeline are effectively marketed
  • Review and Re-plan: analyse which elements are successful and re-plan appropriately

Our focus is on the end result; delivering improved return on marketing investment, using an appropriate mix of online and conventional promotional services outlined below.

Offline Services

  • Direct mail - targeted communication to named decision makers
  • Telesales - dialogues with decision makers and influencers
  • Events – event planning and attendee recruitment

Online Services

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - attracting free, relevant traffic to your website
  • Pay per click (ppc) advertising - driving qualified traffic to your website
  • Website design - creating a hub for customer and prospect interactions
  • E commerce website design - generating additional sales 24/7

Email Marketing

We resell a global email marketing platform under the brand EasiMAIL for lead generation and b2b marketing: