Generate Cost Effective Leads

Create quality sales prospects efficiently and cost effectively

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Achieve More With Fewer Resources

Achieve sustainable business improvement through better information, processes and teams

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Build Loyalty and Improve Repeat Business

How many of your customers go to the competition because they don’t think of you?

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You are under pressure to do more with less spend. The health of your sales and marketing function, be it simple or complex, can be diagnosed from analysis of:

  • Number of leads generated
  • Cost per lead
  • Conversion rate
  • Average value per transaction
  • Average number of transactions
  • Margin per transaction

So the starting point is to understand the return on each of your investments and identify where spend might be transferred to other programmes.

Fletchers can particularly provide support around the following key areas:

Number and Cost of Leads

Increasingly the greater marketing return is found online. If your business is not increasing online promotional initiatives and reducing conventional investments, there is a fair chance that your budget is being needlessly stretched to achieve current results.

Fletchers will work with you to recommend improvements. We will help you stay abreast of current market and technology trends, and continually monitor and optimise your marketing campaigns.

Conversion Rate

Driving efficiencies through sales and marketing requires a programme of analysis, testing and monitoring to achieve tangible beneficial improvements. Fletchers will work with you and your people to deliver sustainable results through a focus on continuous business improvement and cultural change.

Fletchers has particular experience of bridging the gap between marketing and sales to integrate lead generation and sales fulfillment.

Average Number and Value of Transactions

Regardless of the type of business you operate, the average number of times that a customer buys from you is dragged down by the infrequent customers and improved by the frequent customers. So a good question to ask is what makes for the differences between these outliers? There are dozens of stratagems to increase frequency ranging from simply informing customers of your entire range to targeting frequent buying segments.

The average value of transactions can similarly be effected through programmes designed to boost the average spend. Again there are dozens of approaches that can be used, many of which will be suitable for your indsutry and style of business.

Fletchers can research, propose and implement programmes to boost both transaction frequency and average value.