Generate Cost Effective Leads

Create quality sales prospects efficiently and cost effectively

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Achieve More With Fewer Resources

Achieve sustainable business improvement through better information, processes and teams

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Build Loyalty and Improve Repeat Business

How many of your customers go to the competition because they don’t think of you?

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Improve Efficiency

The ability to look at your business as a series of processes is key to major change; it enables you to focus on doing things differently, better and more efficiently. In this way you can cut resources and costs, not because you have to, but because you no longer need them. Or you could increase capacity with existing resource which is utilised better.

Fletchers has experience of efficiency improvement across many disciplines but has a particular strength in improving and integrating sales and marketing operations. We will work with you to identify those processes that deliver the greatest value and prioritise their improvement through the key steps of:

  • Understanding the As-Is performance and processes
  • Determination of improved outcomes from the processes
  • Designing the To-Be processes and performance requirements
  • Structured and controlled implementation of change via projects

Business Processes should undergo constant review and continuous improvement as requirements change over time. Fletchers will design and implement projects to address both process improvement and the cultural change required to deliver sustainable results.